Do it the right way.


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It’s on us.

One time we showed up at a new client that had never failed a weld inspection before. Our inspection resulted in twelve failed welds. Twelve.

Yes, we felt bad for the customer. It can be hard to speak up in these situations as failing an inspection is never good news. Though everyone ultimately wants to get it right. In previous experience, this client had similar welds passed so needless to say they were surprised.

Public safety matters though and failed welds provided an opportunity for us, and our client, to do the right thing. A pass/fail assessment was only the beginning. We shared insights to what was wrong, why, and how to avoid the result again. Knowledge is powerful and in sharing ours, the client had the security on board going forward to know the right way, and avoid similar results.

Since 2001 Fickett Structural Solutions, Inc. (formerly Fish & Associates, Inc.) has served public and private owners in the A/E/C industry by providing inspection, testing and quality assurance services of both “horizontal” and “vertical” structures from fabrication through the life cycle of the structure.

Ensuring public safety and structural performance is who we are. We strive to build solid, long-term relationships through education, honesty and openness – as well as our work ethic, and the diligent completion of every task.

We provide inspection and testing services during the construction of commercial structures such as buildings, stadiums and parking ramps. We also provide construction inspection services for bridge repairs and rehabilitations on an array of structures including bridges, culverts, locks and dams and various highway ancillary structures. We love our work. It’s an adventure and it matters.

Honesty, integrity, teamwork and a commitment to relationships is what Fickett Structural Solutions was founded on. These traits continue on as the foundation of our culture of commitment, support and knowledge sharing that serves the needs of our clients and public safety. After all, it’s on us.